KODAK CTP Thermal Plates

We market Digital Plates and chemicals which are manufactured by the World famous Eastman Company Kodak Which are un comparable in quality with any other digital plates available in the market. We are offering the qualitatively superior most Kodak CtP Thermal Plates and chemicals to the market with high resolutions to print up to 10micron and 2450DPI. We have in Kodak so many range of Digital plates to cater to difference segment of Printing :

Viz :

Process Free Plates (Plates that completely eliminate processing chemistry and equipment.


Commercial & Publication Plates (Maximize productivity with high-quality digital plates

  • ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plate
  • CAPRICON GT Thermal Plate
  • TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plate
  • ELECTRA XD Thermal Plate
  • VIOLET PRINT Digital Plate

Newspaper Plates: (Thermal and violet plates to meet your newspaper printing needs

  • VIOLETNEWS GOLD Digital Plate

Fountain Solutions

We are dealing with qualitative range of Press-room chemicals including Fountain Solutions of various ranges suitable for hard and soft water. They are compatible with maintaining the TDS , conductivity and PH balances and also we have Alcohol substitute chemicals and Alkofree Fountain Solution that can minimize are even eradicates the usage of Alcohol in press room.

Press Washes

We supply a vide range of washes, which can be emulsified with water manufactured with all bases of aromatic solvents like M.T.O and other Industrial Solvent. Apart from that we have specific washes to clean blankets, plates (For PS Plates and CTP Plates) and Press rollers including rubber rolllers and metal rollers.

Plates Cleaners

We supply a vide range of Cleaners like Plate Cleaner GP , Scum Remover, Plate cleaner SP etc., that can help you to solute your problem with plates in your press rooms.

Aluminium Plates

We are selling Industrial as well as Lithographic sheets of Aluminium plates manufactured by M/S HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD.,

Press Care Products

We have all type of specialty items for maintaining offset printing process like Deglazers , Color clean paste , Calcium removers, Self Adhesive Sticker sheets for cylinders and transfer cylinders.

Damping Cloth

We have qualitative damping clothes manufactured by both M/s.Anand Graphic Industries as well as M/s.M.S.Graphic Industries, with color range of green , red and White. Also we have Hose Sleeves Jelly to substitute cloth.

Printing Blankets

We have all ranges of Blankets suitable for slow speed conventional and High speed CPC Machines. We supply Bar blankets for all kinds of CPC Machines. The Blankets supplied by us includes Vulcan, COW and a few Chinese Blankets to suit all your needs commercially and qualitatively.

Adhesives & Coatings

We are dealing with all types of Adhesives and Coatings for Paper Printing, Packaging & Converting industry and also Flexible Packaging Industry manufactured by Chemline India Pvt Ltd. It includes Hotmelt Binding Adhesives, Dry and Wet lamination Adhesives, UV Varnishes, Lamination Adhesives for Flexible packaging, Adhesives for Match industry etc.

Flexographic Plates

We are supplying KODAK Flexographic Plates of all thickness and sizes which can reproduce sharpest DOTs in grades of SRC-K, SRC, SRH and SRM series meant for commercial and packaging industry.

CTCP & P.S Plates

We provide a highly sensitive CTCP plates with short time exposure and long impression. The run length of these plates can be enhanced double the time through baking process. We also provide conventional P.S plates.

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